Think about what you want. Many people have only an Ambiguous sense of what they want from life. Your First step is to switch ideas like "delight" or "shelter" into things you would Preference to do. 


Writing About Yourself is one better way to Move from general to extraordinary.


Think About Your Future Goals. What will be your future? Think about it. Imagine trying to decide on long-term transportation.


Firstly think about your goals and make them exclusive. Now is the time to make them as complete as possible.


Think About What you want and why you like that. This will ask for your help to revise your goals.


Rank your Designation. At this point, you have some goals for your Designation to achieve. Now it is not time for kidding, so be serious.


One of the essential points to achieving your life goals is the timetable, so set some periods. Sub-goal should reasonably take time and make timetables according to them. Make a timetable according to how long each sub-goal should reasonably take.


Finally, Try to imagine those things which could interfere with your plan. Imaginations about those interfere will help you in the future how to deal with them.


Tracking your progress and checking it regularly is one of the Finest ways to stay motivated.


Consistency is vital for success. It is crucial to be motivated.